Volunteers are needed now to Defend our parks

To volunteer go to our “contact page”, fill out the form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

We’re currently looking for volunteers with experience in the following areas. Fundraising, Marketing, Advertising, Media, Graphic Arts, Videography, and Video Editing. If you have any of these skills and want to volunteer, go to our Contact Page.

For others who’d like to join us in the fight to defend our parks, here’s what we need you to do:
·      Be willing to spend about an hour per week helping Defend Our Parks from your home. Gather information about candidates running for governor, state legislator, U.S. Senator, and U.S. House in your state.
·      Use your skills in email, social media, letter writing, and petition signing to share our message.
·      Educate yourself about the threats to our national parks and other public lands posed by legislation in Congress so you can explain them to others.
·      Read articles we recommend to help you learn about the threats to our parks.
·      Sign petitions that come to you online from groups like Defenders of Wildlife, Center for Biological Diversity, Wilderness Watch, and Defend Our Parks.
·     Work with other volunteers in your state.
As a volunteer for Defend Our Parks, you may be asked to write weekly letters, emails, Tweets, and Facebook posts that spread our message to others.  We’ll send you examples that you can use “as is” or tailor to fit the people you’re writing to.
The letters, emails, and Tweets will be directed to your own Representative and Senators, and to the Representatives and Senators who are sponsoring the legislation that endangers our parks.
The Facebook posts will be directed to your Facebook followers and the public.  They will be about specific events, bills in Congress, speeches or interviews by political figures, wildlife stories, etc.  
You’ll be asked to document your volunteer work for us, so we can build a record of all the messages that are being sent out by our volunteers.  This documentation is simply an email with a short list of contacts you made during the last week and what if any responses you received.
For example:  “Last week I sent emails to Senator Dean Heller (NV) and Senator John Barrasso (WY) about their support for HR 6784, and letters to my Senator Jon Tester (MT) thanking him for supporting our parks.”
If you’d like to join the fight to Defend Our Parks as a volunteer, go to the CONTACT page, and fill out the information requested.  Add a sentence or two in the Comments box about why you’d like to help.

BOLO (Be On the Look Out for):  Last summer when we asked  for volunteers, we were infiltrated by some morally dead right wing inclined individuals who tried lots of mean, sneaky, ways to ruin our campaign against the Republicans of the Anti  Parks Caucus.  If you volunteer, be mindful we’ll almost certainly be targeted by the left wing again.  So be aware and be suspicious of strangers who try to buddy  up to you. We’ve had our share of moles, LOL.