Our national parks and public lands are under attack. Will you join us in the fight? 
Right now, today, certain politicians are hell-bent on selling off our public land to the same kinds of industries from which the lands were supposed to be protected in the first place. 

If these politicians in Congress get their bills passed, then mining, oil, fracking, privatization and development, and livestock grazing will not only continue but become the norm in our parks.  And all of it will take place at public expense. 



  • Advocating for our National Parks and Public Lands, for future generations. 

  • Defending our National Parks and Public Lands against the politicians of the Anti Parks Caucus who are selling out to an obsolete fossil fuels industry.

  • Campaigning on the Anti Parks Caucus members' home turf, in their preferred media, to inform the public.

  • Offering a message of hope through our support of opposition candidates who respect the legacy we protect today, for the children of tomorrow.


Join us in defending America's best Idea, our National Parks and Forests 



Or mission is simple: to defeat the politicians who are strangling our National Parks and Public Lands by refusing to provide critical funding and protections against the ravages of the mining and livestock industries.

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Take Action

Are you ready to Defend Our Parks? Are you angry enough to take action today? Can you become a contributor to our cause, or participate yourself? The Resistance needs you!

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