How You Can Help Defend Our Parks in 2019

Are you looking for a way to stay active in progressive causes? Here’s how you can help Defend Our Parks in 2019:

The midterm elections are over. We worked hard, and we help defeat a couple of the parks’ enemies in Congress. Let’s forge ahead!

It’s time for Defend Our Parks activists to set goals for 2019 and prepare for the new 116th Congress. You can help. We have three goals:

  • First, we’ll continue to oppose the Anti-Parks Caucus members.

  • Second, now that we’re in a non-election year, we’ll concentrate on defeating the Anti-Parks Caucus’s bad bills that attack our public lands and wildlife.

We’ve chosen two strategies to use to defeat bad legislation: (1) recruiting a group of volunteers and (2) fundraising to get the money to run more ads.

First, recruiting a group of volunteers. We’re hoping to gather a talented group of volunteers to help Defend Our Parks in 2019. You could be one of them!

Soon, you’ll see a new page on this website about how to volunteer and what you’ll be asked to do as a volunteer in 2019.

Second, fundraising to get the money to run more ads. We’re going to give away t-shirts with the Defend Our Parks logo and mission statement in return for a donation of $25 or more. Soon, you’ll see a new page on this website dedicated to the t-shirt campaign. Our ads bought with these donations will oppose bad bills introduced in Congress.

  • Our third goal will be to organize for the 2020 election. We hope to defeat Donald Trump if he is still in office in 2020. And we hope in 2020 to flip the Senate to a Democratic majority while holding onto the majority in the House. We’d like to have volunteers in every Western state to work toward our goals in the 2020 election.

There’s a lot of work to do to save our public lands and wildlife from destruction. Bills and executive orders from the President, from Congress, from the Department of Interior, from Fish and Wildlife Service, and from Governors and state legislatures are targeting wolves, bears, bison, coyotes, and furbearers like lynx, fox, and wolverine for death.

We must stop this!

We need your help. Please consider becoming a volunteer for Defend Our Parks. Consider making a donation and wearing our t-shirts when they become available soon.

Join us in working to save our public lands and wildlife!